One Day in Venice

Venice: a city like no other, built of hundreds of islands with even more bridges connecting them. It’s a must-see on many peoples’ lists when visiting Italy and for good reason. The last few years Venice has been in the news for being overcrowded with tourists and extreme prices (especially for food). Luckily, when I … Continue reading One Day in Venice


A Day Trip to San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a small, medieval city in Tuscany, Italy well-known for its many towers. As many as 72 towers once stood in San Gimignano, and it was an important relay point for pilgrims travelling to/from Rome. Today, many tourists visit San Gimignano to learn more about its history, see the towers and the gorgeous … Continue reading A Day Trip to San Gimignano

New adventures

Ciao! My apologies for the long gap in between posts. Since my last one a lot has happened, but I’m going to fly through most of it in order to catch you up quickly. I finished my semester in Thailand, which was quite hectic and involved a lot of paper writing. Then I arrived at … Continue reading New adventures


What happens when you have to get a new passport abroad?

There I was, sitting at the Thai immigration office waiting to get my re-entry permit. Everything was going well, as I sat there waiting for my number to be called, flipping through my passport reminiscing on all the places I had been to, when all of a sudden it dawned on me that I only … Continue reading What happens when you have to get a new passport abroad?